Romanesque Route: creative initiatives within the Route

Amarante is part if the Romanesque Route, an intermunicipal project set to value the Romanesque heritage, of about 60 sites, spread throughout the valleys of Sousa, Tâmega and Douro rivers. The Route provides an exchange of information and readings between, on the one hand, national and European Romanesque sites and historical contexts and, on the other hand, in situ exploration of built, landscape and immaterial heritages, while also promoting community and territorial development.

The production of artistic projects constitutes an important aspect of the Romanesque Route, by usage of the built heritage as “stage” for artistic creations.

It gives these locations a new vitality and meaning, as well as it confers an increasing of visibility and visitors, while also promoting knowledge about local communities. Palcos do Românico (Romanesque Stages), held in 2014, was perhaps the most relevant initiative of this kind, as it included all of the Route in its programming.

In Amarante, the artistic project “TAM… O Caminho do Rio” should be mentioned within this context, due to the audience’s involvement in its creation process, and to the inclusion of music and theatre shows in religious and heritage locations.

And finally, Orquestra do Norte has also contributed to the Palcos do Românico by programming and staging several concerts in churches and monasteries throughout the Romanesque Route.