Iberian organs and religious monuments

Built at the heart of the historical-centre, each of the churches of St. Domingos, St. Pedro and St. Gonçalo has an Iberian pipe tube organ. Until recently, these instruments were partially dismantled or poorly kept, but their restoration had them regain their historical, technical, aesthetic and musical integrity.

The set is typical of the baroque period, sign of the cultural, social and religious vigour of 18th century Amarante, due to the presence of many religious orders and worship places in the city.

Such instruments, to which still must be added a portable organ in St. Gonçalo’s church, currently places Amarante on favoured conditions, within the northern Portuguese territory, to hold Sacred Music concerts inside these religious locations.

Some of Amarante’s churches and monasteries have also been used for live music concerts (specially of Sacred Music), and on this topic, one should highlight Orquestra do Norte’s annual performances and the occasional events integrated in the Romanesque Route, the Mimo Festival and the International Festival of Portuguese Polyphony.