Cultural programming in Amarante has concerned itself with interdisciplinary languages and intersections, emphasizing the relationship between music and cinema.

Though with a somewhat irregular periodicity, there are initiatives from local associations, such as Gatilho and the Amarante Cineclube, that promote intersections between the endemic languages of Music and of Cinema. One of such examples is the creation and live performance of movie soundtracks for films exhibited during the Festival de Cinema de Animação, organized by Gatilho.

Mimo Festival also gives relevance to the relation between cinema, in this case documentary cinema, and music. Indeed, in all of its held editions there is a component of the event that focuses on movies dealing with music, its actors and its stories. More than a mere accessory to the Festival, this is an actual promoting of an enriched and subtle approach by the audience, as it enlarges their pool of references and knowledge and gives way to a healthy mingling of different publics.