Festivals and regular music events

Amarante has been noted, within regional and national contexts, for the production of festivals and regular music events suited to diverse audience types. In addition to the artistic quality that the organization aims to provide, there is also a real concern on the support of career development of local, national and international young musicians.

Banda filarmónica

June Fest

The June Fest, in tribute to St. Gonçalo, is a genuine and remarkable combination of tradition and religion. Held in the city’s historical center, this popular festival has the participation of various drumming groups, where they perform their celebrated drumming contests, and of several folklore...

Mimo Festival

This event was created in Brazil, in 2004. It began in the churches of the town of Olinda, before expanding to other Brazilian cities such as Recife, João Pessoa, Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, Paraty and Rio de Janeiro and having, in July 2016, its first edition in Amarante. This last one featured renown...
Festival Mimo Amarante, Portugal
Concerto, Amarante

Summer Stage

The Summer Stage is the main event of Amarante’s summer programming and is constituted by a collection of concerts held during this period. It’s a municipal initiative that takes place in various public spaces in Amarante, like the Parque Ribeirinho and the St. Gonçalo Square, and is estima...

International Guitar Festival/Competition

This initiative of the Amarante Cultural Center, begun in 2015, features the invitation of 3 or 4 acclaimed classical guitarists for the performance of a concert, the teaching of a masterclass and the makeup of a competition jury. For the quality that has already evidenced, this event has a big ...
Festival Concurso Internacional de Guitarra de Amarante

International Festival of Portuguese Polyphony

The Cupertino Miranda Foundation, through the group Capella Musical Cupertino Miranda, created in 2011 this event with the goal of making known the repertoire of XVIth and XVIIth centuries Portuguese Polyphony. The concerts take place in historical churches throughout the North of Portugal, Amar...

‘Band’arte’ Festival

Band’Art is an initiative of the Amarante Municipality, started in 2015, to create a platform for the presentation of local bands and musicians with original repertoire. During a week, they perform in different bars and such spots in Amarante and in the final weekend of the festival, artists stage...
Bandarte, Amarante

Young Pianists International Week

This initiative of the Associação Camerata das Artes, supported by the Amarante Municipality, is held since 2015 and aims to back young national and international pianists by helping to promote and make their work known. The event gathers about 900 people each year and counts also with the sup...

Amarante Guitar Festival

Happening for the first time in August 2016, this annual event is expressely dedicated to the portuguese guitar in Amarante. Edgar Nogueira, an Amarante-born guitarist, is the main figure in the festival’s coordination, management and presentation, which counts also with the support from the City ...
Fado em Amarante
Largo da Feira, Amarante

Music Market

The Amarante Municipal Market is, since 2015, place for a cultural event that includes live music, in the café-concert format, of a wide diversity of genres, such as fado, blues, folk, funk, soul, samba and Cuban music. This initiative is endorsed by the city’s Municipality as a way to create ...

Music Square

A project of the Amarante’s Municipality intended to create new cultural dynamics outside the city’s historical center, hence providing a diversified program of open-air concerts for its population. In 2016, this event took place in the Vila Meã parish, and was attended by roughly 1000 peop...
HáFEST! Amarante

Há Fest!

A summer festival, created in 2015, aimed at Amarante’s younger population segment, which includes different areas of action, like music (live shows and DJ sessions), stand-up comedy, workshops on many different themes and extreme sports. It takes place in several places in Amarante, annually invo...

Singing of the Kings

Another initiative of the Amarante Municipality, this meeting aims to preserve one of the emblematic local traditions, the singing of the kings; or using the portuguese term, the singing of the Janeiras. The event gathers folklore groups from all the county to a night of communal interaction and...
Encontro de Cantadores de Janeiras de Amarante
Conta-me histórias com David Fonseca em Amarante

"Conta-me histórias"

A project led by Sótão Paralelo, with the support of the City Hall, this is a group of “concert-talks” in which music and word intertwine, aiming to provide a proximity between the audience and the performers, most of them names well known in the portuguese context, in shows suffused with irre...