Grupo Folclórico de Vila Chã do Marão

The Grupo Folclórico de Vila Chã do Marão has about 50 elements aged between 6 and 70 years old, and was founded in June 2007.
After its first public performance, in December 2007, the group made several performances (examples, Feira das Papas em Olo, Loivos do Monte, S. Simão, Festa de Verão de Vila Chã, Sanche, Festival de Folclore em Fregim, Festa das Colheitas de Vila Chã e Festa da Castanha de Canadelo, Festa de S. Faustino de Fridão).
It is only in November 19 of 2008 that the non-profit association, named Grupo Folclórico de Vila Chã do Marão, is formally constituted with the following aims, to promote the regional dances and singings, to improve and teach the folklore, to preserve and communicate the history, ways and customs of the Vila Chã parish and to organize and promote meetings, parties and other events.
This group performs about 8 times a year and animates an annual folklore festival.