Choral Groups

Liturgical Choirs

In Amarante there are six parish choirs that mobilize a sum of 100 people. They are in average constituted by about ten singers, the smallest one having but six. These groups are open to participants from all ages and stimulate cult dynamics through singing.

School choral groups

As means to develop musical education and better cohesion among students, employees, teachers and parents, there are currently at least three choral groups in the city working within school context: the ‘Grupo coral sem nome’, part of the Amarante School Group, with 40 elements; the choral group of the Externato de Vila Meã, with 50 elements; and the choral Group of Colégio de São Gonçalo.

Universidade Sénior de Amarante
Third Age University of Amarante

Amarante’s Third Age University currently has two choral groups, one of them settled in the Amarante campus, the other in the Vila Meã campus. The first mentioned is the main one, counting 58 participants with ages between 56 and 83 years old, most of them women. In Vila Meã, there are 17 elements, among singers and instrumentalists. The Third Age University choral groups are provided with ‘cavaquinhos’ and guitars, available for education purposes, a result from the cooperation established between this institution and the Academia Música 906. There have been several performances of the University every year, mainly based on the Portuguese popular song tradition.

Polyphonic Choir of Amarante

This choir was founded in 2014, in Amarante, under the following main goals: to be an independent institution and inclusive of all of Amarante’s parishes, providing access free of charge to music education, namely in the fields of choral and vocal music; to promote choral music of historical importance and revitalize this practice in the Amarante municipality; and to work for the overall development of culture in Amarante.

Currently, this group counts with 30 members, but recently they have also created a project directed at children and the youth, already with 20 participants, named “Coro dos Pequenos Cantores de Amarante”.