Philharmonic Bands

Banda Filarmónica
Banda Musical de Amarante

The Banda Musical de Amarante was founded in December 1854 in celebration of Portugal’s Restoration of Independence. Its current name only came about in January 1983. Over its 150 years of activity, the Banda Musical de Amarante has had a fundamental role on the promotion, education and training in Amarante of Wind and Percussion instrumentalists. Nowadays, the band is composed by 50 elements and a further 30 constitute their Orquestra Juvenil, for young musicians. They perform in several events throughout the country.

Banda da Associação Musical da Várzea

This band is currently constituted by 50 elements that attend the Association’s school for education and training on the following instruments: French horn, clarinet, trombone, transverse flute, saxophone, tuba and trumpet.

Banda de S. Martinho de Mancelos

The Banda came into being in 1919, out of a ‘tuna’ founded by the priest José Vitorino Carvalho, back in 1889.

In the 80s decade of the XXth century it saw the inauguration of its homonym Social and Cultural Center, in the village of Nogueira. Nowadays, the band is formed by 55 musicians and a maestro, mainly young people, and roughly 50 students attend the Banda’s music school.