Bands and other music groups

A city like Amarante has several local bands that are formed over time, fuelled by their passion for music and by their will to create and show their original work in the city. Here are some prominent local bands currently in activity: Full, Capitão Mocho, Bolabarage/Alfaiate, ASP, StandByStereo, Equilíbrio, Bastardos Mutantes, Gonçalo Santos, Oroboro.

Mz Boom Bap

José Luís Silva better known by the stage name of Mz Boom Bap is a producer, beatmaker born in the city of Amarante on December 5, 1986, his musical career began in the year 2005 having been the pioneer of hip hop culture in Amarante.
Before dedicating himself to Mz production, he stepped several stages from north to south of the country like mc of one of the most important groups of national hip hop of the time, the group “Recarga” that made success with the theme freedom that reached millions of social networks, having seen a lot of projection in radios and even TVs, live are renowned venues such as the Hard Club (Porto), Music Box (Lisboa), Le club (Vigo), and also played in the burning of the tapes of Vila Real, Bragança, Carnival of Ovar and bars and nightclubs all over Portugal.
Having ended the collective Recarga Mz released several solo singles including “Ze and Maria” that reached tens of thousands of plays mainly on youtube.
After a great experience like mc that lasted several years, it dedicated itself only the production, the same activity that dedicates today, having already worked in albums of artists of everybody becoming thus one of the most respected names of Hip Hop old school to European level which earned him in 2015 the opportunity to release a disc in the format vinyl by the American publisher Do not Sleep Records in conjunction with the German publisher Vinyl Digital, this record that reached the number 1 sales in physical format and also number 1 sales in digital format on the bandcamp platform.
Mz and a person quite grasped their roots and even before the various opportunities continues to make their music directly from their hometown Amarante, which carries with pride on every side that their music is projected.

Full Kalash

Full is an Amarante rapper, born in 1990, with a versatile and particular style. The musicality and the heavy beats will be explicit in the release of the CD that is scheduled for late 2017.

Músico FULL
Músico Equilíbrio

Equilíbrio is a musician from Amarante, who from an early age discovered his passion for writing, quickly connecting with RAP and HIP HOP culture. He has released an EP named ‘Parte de Mim’ and in 2017 launched his first album of originals called “Luz”.

Capitão Mocho

Capitão Mocho have been together since 2009 and imbue their music with a distinct sound. After a first appearance on a TV program, which catapulted the band to new stages and audiences, they have presented their homonymous EP, on February 2016. To this they followed an on-going tour promoting this most recent work.

Bandarte, Amarante

Bolabarage came out of a closed drawer filled with old songs authored by Nuno Sampaio, whose friends Gustavo Carvalho, Luís Carvalho and Matheus Aquino convinced to make public. Hence they formed a rock quartet of laid-back, Portuguese sung music, easy to listen and feel.

From the summer of 2016 onwards, due to professional constraints, the band moved into an acoustic format, Pedro Fidalgo joined the remaining Nuno Sampaio and Matheus Aquino, and a new name was adopted: Alfaiate. Nonetheless, the group maintains its carefree Portuguese rock repertoire.


Oroboro is a punk-fado one-man band, which appeared in 2014. Its songs are sung in Portuguese and played with a ‘guitarrabaixo’ – a custom-made instrument in between the guitar and the bass guitar – aided by live looping. Between 2014 and 2016 it has performed in cities like Coimbra, Évora, Porto, Lisboa, Vila Real, Viseu, and others, and in August 2016 it launched a first album, ‘Dotes de Corte&Costura’, under the label Gente sem Vergonha.


ASP place themselves in an intersection between hip-hop and rock, sung in Portuguese. They are composed by Flávio Azevedo (voice), Gil Pinto (Bass), Fábio Teixeira (Drums), Carlos Ferreira (Guitar) and Gustavo C. (Guitar).

Bastardos Mutantes

Bastardos Mutantes is a guitar, drums and bass guitar trio, formed in 2016. Their presentation work was distributed by Gente sem Vergonha, available since July 2016: ‘Fita Gasta’ is music unconstrained by genres, so long as it’s loud, so long as it’s rock!

Banda bastardos mutantes
Gonçalo Santos

Gonçalo Santos, was born in 1996 and from an early age he showed interest in music, starting to attend music classes at 8 years of age, and composing his first song at 12. After some television appearances, his interest in a musical career became more serious, and in 2015 he started producing an in-progress debut album.


The birth of STANDBY STEREO takes place in 2013, starting with other musical projects that were already being developed since 2009 in the studio of the Casa da Juventude de Amarante.
The sonority that identifies the band is the alternative rock, sung in Portuguese. Among the band’s main influences are Ornatos Violeta, Linda Martini, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Dinosaur Jr., Jeff Buckley, The Smashing Pumpkins and The Subways.
Currently the band is composed by Pedro Macedo on vocals and guitar rhythm, João Costa on solo guitar, Ricardo Rocha on bass and Zé Pedro Abreu on drums.
Mostly performing in bars and small events, the band has also had the privilege of sharing the stage with great artists of the national scene, such as Diogo Piçarra, Agir, Blaya and Putzgrilla.
The summer of 2018 brought the recognition of seeing the theme “Conditions of Terms” be included in the soundtrack of the telenovela “Vidas Opostas” by SIC.
In the plans of the band for the future is the promotion of the EP “Letters On The Table” with live performances marked by their contagious energy and emotional in the delivery to the public.

Pum Pum Katrapum

The band Pum Pum Katrapum is composed by the musicians Plainas, Bonioso, Luís Freitas Carvalho, João Maia and Carolina Pinto. Pum Pum Katrapum is a fusion band founded in 2010 in the suburbs of Amarante. Over the years they have performed in the region in a jam session format.
His influences go through Jazz, Rock, Blues, Funk, Afrobeat, Psychedelic Rock, Symphonic Rock and Progressive Rock.