Amarante’s Music Groups

Amarante’s musical landscape is both rich and diverse, a sign of the multiple artistic languages here to be found:
from classical and scholarly music to the several groups and bands concerned with a traditional and ethnographic approach, not forgetting also the local bands that adopt a more present-day sonic language.

orquestra do norte

Orquestra do Norte

This is a project created in 1992, managed by the Associação Norte Cultural and arisen from a will to decentralize national music culture. Settled in Amarante since 2001, this is a professional orchestra, with about 70 musicians, under the artistic direction of José Ferreira Lobo, and supported b...

Choral Groups

grupo coral de Amarante

Bands and other music groups

A city like Amarante has several local bands that are formed over time, fuelled by their passion for music and by their will to create and show their original work in the city. Here are some prominent local bands currently in activity: Full, Capitão Mocho, Bolabarage/Alfaiate, ASP, StandByStereo, E...

Philharmonic Bands

Banda filarmónica
Rancho folclórico

Folklore groups

The Amarante region counts eleven folklore groups that promote local traditional folklore songs and dances, while performing a variety of instruments like the accordion, guitar, ‘viola’, ‘viola amarantina’,bass drum, cavaquinho and ‘ferrinho’. Usually performed songs are the Fadinho, Ma...

Tunas Rurais

The rural ‘tunas’ are popular music groups of a rural context present throughout the country, appearing most of them in the beginning of the 20th century. In this early period, they helped to spread the use of flutes and stringed instruments in popular expression, where loud instruments like the...
Tuna de São Faustino de Fridão
Grupos de Bombos

Percussion Groups

There are different percussion groups in the Amarante municipality, but the ‘zés pereira’ take a prominent position within national context by their unique sonic characteristics and their very specific way of instrument building.