Mimo a Minha Cidade

The action ‘Mimo a Minha Cidade’ was thought to promote the local trade in the city, especially during the MIMO Festival and the peak tourist season and the affluence of the emigrant community. This action of RUA was developed in synergy with the application of Amarante to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, since the inspirational theme was Amarante Creative City.

For the creative process of the narrative and illustrations were invited the writer Adélia Carvalho and the illustrators Anabela Dias and Diogo Cardoso. The narrative brings together key figures of the Amarante history, namely Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, Teixeira de Pascoes, S. Gonçalo and the Trovador creator of the viola Amarantina. All them express a nostalgic feeling of absence, typical from the Portuguese culture, in which what is missed is the city of Amarante and its culture.