Artistic residencies

In Amarante one can find artistic residencies receiving creatives from different fields, music being one among them. Many of the available places dedicated to music creation appeared as a result of activities and projects developed by local associations or from international cooperations.
In support of creativity, the Amarante Municipality is willing to create new such spaces in the next years, to integrate other creative fields, like literature, while reinforcing music related initiatives.

Casa da Pedra
Casa da Pedra

Casa da Pedra, on the riverside of Amarante, is open for artistic residencies all year long, but in a more regular manner, it’s relevant to mention the annual program “Young European Creation” (Jeune Création Européene), oriented towards the visual and media arts, of which the city is part, along with eight other European cities.

Casa da Juventude

There are also other locations that occasionally offer opportunities for artistic residencies. For instance, in 2016, Casa da Juventude, choosing the Viola Amarantina as its main theme, supported one of such programs. Aimed at both children and adults, its goal was to rekindle curiosity and usage of this traditional music instrument through a contemporary approach, thus working to avoid the instrument’s demise.

Casa da Juventude de Amarante