Associations and Bars with live music

In Amarante’s historical centre and along its riverfront, one can find less conventional venues and facilities dedicated to music promotion and spreading, such as bars and cultural and leisure associations. Some of these locations have a regular music schedule, aimed at both a general and specific audience types, while functioning as a test-tube for newer local bands. It’s in this kind of spaces that the festival Band’Arte takes place. The Band’arte 2017 edition brought music and dynamic to the following local bars Spark, Tilias, Pauzinhos, Hostel des Arts and the Casa da Juventude bar (Bar do Girassol).


The bar ‘Pauzinhos’, which began its activity in 2012, promotes regularly live music concerts (for example, on the anniversary of the establishment, on the feast of St. John and on all the weekends of August). At the same time the Bar is also a partner of the Band’arte Festival, welcoming and promoting the performance of local bands and musicians. This establishment gives the stage to a diverse typology of music styles, pop, rock and Latin bands, to promote the good atmosphere of the space.


There are also local associations, such as Gatilho – Association for Local Artistic and Cultural Development, that among other activities, promote the practice and diffusion of music. Gatilho was created on October 12, 2013, along with the publication of its related fanzine, intent on offering an alternative cultural agenda to what is usually provided by the municipality. They have programmed activities in the fields of literature, music, exhibitions and documentary cinema, where they integrate the work of local artists alongside that of outside authors. Gatilho has also a regular schedule of concerts at the association’s headquarters, works with the city’s Animation Cinema Festival in their management of band performances and school workshops, and also collaborates with Há Fest!, also in the production of workshops.

Casa da Juventude

Casa da Juventude is another local association that promotes the practice and diffusion of music.

Running since 2009 by Aventura Marão Clube, Casa da Juventude is nowadays an active cultural agent in the city. Starting as a project focused on sports and healthy life-styles, in the last few years it has developed several other programs in various fields of the arts, such as music, theatre and cinema, fusing them with other subjects like human rights, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Casa da Juventude also plays a front-line role in initiatives regarding non-formal education, as it manages international cooperation and exchange programs aimed at youth, with the overall objective of promoting culture and creativity amongst the young and the local community, particularly through music.