Auditoriums and Cine-Theatre

Amarante is equipped with a number of auditoriums and cine-theatres set for the promotion and divulgation of artistic, cultural and creative practices, particularly in the music field. Venues such as the Centro Cultural de Amarante, the Teixeira de Pascoaes Cinema, the Cine-Theatre Raimundo Magalhães and the Casa da Portela, all have medium sized auditoriums. Another of such is the Gondar open-air amphitheatre. In 2019, the by then newly restored Cine-Theatre of Amarante will be the city’s major venue.

Amarante’s Cultural Center

Music school and cultural centre run by an association of a cultural and sporting character.

Its facilities, opened in the 9th of August of 2008, are at the Antiga Cadeia Comarcã de Amarante, the city’s old prison, an historical building from the end of the 40s, erected in the north part of town which was transformed into the present modern cultural and educational equipment. The building holds a 126-seat auditorium, commonly used for concerts, master-classes, dance performances, lectures, conferences, and other events.

Since 9th of August of 2017, Amarante’s Cultural Center has became a UNESCO Center.

Teixeira Pascoaes Cinema

The cinema is often used for movie sessions by the Amarante’s Cineclub. Occasionally the place holds the performance of film concerts. Its auditorium can seat up to 180 people.

Cinema Teixeira de Pascoaes, Amarante
Raimundo Magalhães Cine-Theatre

Civic Centre and Auditorium with capacity for 320 seats, supervised by the Charity Association of Vila Meã (Associação de Benificiência de Vila Meã).

Gondar open-air Amphitheatre

Open-air stage that holds concerts and performance events, with a wonderful view over the local landscape.

Igreja da Misericórdia e Mosteiro de Santa Clara
"Casa da Portela"

This facility is runned by the Amarante’s City Council and sporadically receives events of a cultural, social or artistic quality. Its auditorium counts 84 seats.

Amarante’s Cine-Theatre

It opened in 1947 and had a constant schedule up to the 80s. Nowadays it is Orquestra do Norte’s rehearsal space.

The building is currently under a rehabilitation project, authored by the architect Carlos Prata, with the objective to fulfil the city’s needs for a large auditorium space, capable of receiving an audience of up to 400 people, while meeting the logistical needs of musicians.