Worshops and masterclasses

A wide array of congresses, conferences, workshops and masterclasses with both national and international projection, take place each year in Amarante. They set up by different local organizations and are frequently targeted at music students and professionals.

International Guitar Festival/Contest

The CCA, or the Amarante Cultural Center promotes this event since 2015, whose program includes concerts held by the participant guitarists, and masterclasses for music students and professional musicians. On the first two editions, 2015 and 2016, 16 masterclasses were held, with an attendance of about 160 people.

Portugal Mimo Festival

The Portugal Mimo Festival had its first edition in 2016, was co-producted by the Amarante Municipality, and held a series of workshops and educational activities, mostly for young musicians. Of the 8 workshops that took place, up to 94 people participated in them.

Training courses in Music for Kindergarten Teachers and Basic and Secondary Level Teachers

The Amarante Municipality periodically sponsors training courses in the music field, aimed at Kindergarten Teachers and Primary and Secondary School Teachers, in order to improve their knowledge on this topic. The last one was held in 2016, involved teachers from both pedagogical fields, and was entitled “The potential of traditional portuguese percursion instruments in music education”.


This program is an initiative of the Banda Musical de Amarante and it will hold its tenth edition in 2017. It is directed at young musicians nation-wide and has an annual participation of about 100 instrumentalists.