Non formal education

Thanks to the work of several local organizations during the last 5 years, Amarante has had a significant increase and enhancement in its offer of courses, programs and other non-formal educational initiatives in the music field.

Casa da Juventude, Amarante
Casa Juventude

The Music Department of Casa da Juventude promotes initiatives supported by the ERASMUS + program, that aim to instruct and capacitate youth, both local and foreign, in the development of non-formal educational activities related to music, such as music therapy projects or drum manufacturing.

Projetc Educ’arte

This project is an initiative of the Amarante Cultural Center and has the objective of fostering access to music and dance in the city. It is directed at early infancy, which means that it takes music and dance classes directly to kindergartens, providing a creative and unusual program. The project has a low-budget policy and in it participate about 300 students every year.

Projeto Educ'arte, Amarante

Garrafombos brings together music and environmental awareness, as its project focuses on the construction of music instruments out of waste and residues, by students from schools in Amarante. Altogether, it has had the participation of up to 500 children.

Choir of Pequenos Cantores

This is an initiative for the introduction to choral music of children and youth, managed by the Amarante’s Polyphonic Choir. It started in 2015 and has an yearly attendance of about 25 participants.

Association Propagode

Since 2012 the Association Propagode has been holding free of charge revitalization projects of the “viola amarantina”. They range from courses on the subject, to the creation of the Clube da Viola Amarantina, for students of Amarante’s basic schools, and the Violoteca directed at people of all ages, them being attended respectively by, about 45 and 70 people each year.