Formal and informal education

Education is at the root of the emergence and flourishing of every kind of art. In Portugal, music expanded through the consolidation of democracy and development of its territories, over an inclusive and accessible education system, supported by a network of schools which were themselves frequently launched by philharmonic bands. These groups, of an undeniable artistic and educational merit, were distributed beyond the city’s limits and favoured a relationship that disregarded both class and generation differences. They were, in a first stage the only promoters of music divulgation and took part in both civic and religious practices.

Thus was in Amarante; music education changed from a time in which the philharmonic band’s conductor would teach solfège and the playing of all the instruments, to a context in which schools hold courses on artistic education making it possible for some students, nowadays, to enroll in Superior Schools of Music. In the last decade, Amarante distinguished itself for the quality of its offer on musical education, both formal and informal, with programs directed at babies and children, as well as workshops and masterclasses for both students and professionals.

músicos, Amarante, Portugal
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